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VICTREX AM™ 200 FIL (Polyaryletherketone)

High performance thermoplastic material, PolyArylEtherKetone (PAEK), semi crystalline, filament for Additive Manufacture by filament fusion and other melt extrusion 3D printing processes. Colour natural/beige. Additive manufacturing processing. Filament Fusion printed parts, to achieve improved printed part strength and printability compared to PEEK polymer on most machines. For use in higher temperature applications and chemically aggressive environments. Low outgassing, suitable for sterilisation. Not suitable for medical implant applications. Product supplied vacuum packed with desiccant and dry when produced. Drying before use is recommended.

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Anwendungsgebiete Additive Manufacture; melt extrusion 3D printing
Bauform filament
Farbe natural/beige
alternative Namen
  • Abkürzung: PAEK

Physikalische Eigenschaften

Name Wert Bemerkung Messverfahren und -bedingungen
Abmessung (Durchmesser) 1.75 mm 3 axis laser micrometer
Mechanische Eigenschaften
Zug-Elastizitätsmodul 3.3 GPa orientation XY ISO 527, 23°C
2.5 GPa orientation YZ ISO 527, 23°C
2.7 GPa orientation ZX ISO 527, 23°C
Zugdehnung beim Bruch 15 % orientation XY ISO 527, Break, 23°C
15 % orientation YZ ISO 527, Break, 23°C
5 % orientation ZX ISO 527, Break, 23°C
Zugfestigkeit 65 MPa orientation XY ISO 527, Yield, 23°C
70 MPa orientation YZ ISO 527, Yield, 23°C
45 MPa orientation ZX ISO 527, Yield, 23°C
Thermische Eigenschaften
Glasübergangstemperatur 151 °C ISO 11357, Onset
154 °C ISO 11357, Midpoint
Kristallitschmelztemperatur 249 °C ISO 11357, DSC
Schmelztemperatur 303 °C ISO 11357, DSC

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Victrex plc and/or its group companies (“Victrex plc”) believes that the information contained in this document is an accurate description of the typical characteristics and/or uses of the product or products, but it is the customer’s responsibility to thoroughly test the product in each specific application to determine its performance, efficacy, and safety for each end-use product, device or other application. Suggestions of uses should not be taken as inducements to infringe any particular patent. The information and data contained herein are based on information we believe reliable. Mention of a product in this document is not a guarantee of availability. Victrex plc reserves the right to modify products, specifications and/or packaging as part of a continuous program of product development. Victrex plc makes no warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation, a warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or of intellectual property non-infringement, including, but not limited to patent non-infringement, which are expressly disclaimed, whether express or implied, in fact or by law. Further, Victrex plc makes no warranty to your customers or agents, and has not authorized anyone to make any representation or warranty other than as provided above. Victrex plc shall in no event be liable for any general, indirect, special, consequential, punitive, incidental or similar damages, including without limitation, damages for harm to business, lost profits or lost savings, even if Victrex has been advised of the possibility of such damages regardless of the form of action. VICTREX™, APTIV™, VICOTE™, VICTREX PIPES™, VICTREX HT™, VICTREX ST™, VICTREX WG™, PEEK-ESD™ and the Triangle (Device), are trademarks of Victrex plc or its group companies.

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