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ToughMet® 2 CX (Kupfer-Nickel-Zinn-Legierung)

ToughMet 2 Alloy is Materion’s sustainable solution to your severe service material problems. By applying our proprietary technology process to produce the EquaCast® microstructure, tailored alloying additions and spinodal hardening technology, we have engineered ToughMet to provide attributes beyond those typically found in a high-strength copper alloy. ToughMet 2 in the cast and spinodally hardened (CX90) condition exhibits tensile strength in excess of 105 ksi and hardness exceeding HRC 27. This Copper-9%Nickel-6%Tin alloy combines low coefficient of friction with wear resistance and excellent machinability. • Exceptional resistance to corrosion and cavitation • Outstanding lubricity and durability in demanding applications • Highly uniform composition in all product forms • Available in a wide range of continuous-cast shapes and sizes - consult Materion sales for more information ToughMet® 2 CX90 Alloy is not recommended for use in plastic injection mold tooling where glossy or semi-glossy surface finishes are required. Use MoldMAX® XL material instead.

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Abbildung des Materials
Bauform Stangen; Rohre; Rechteckstäbe
alternative Namen
  • Abkürzung: ASTM B505, UNS C96970
  • Englisch: Copper Nickel Tin Alloy

Physikalische Eigenschaften

Name Wert Messverfahren und -bedingungen
Dichte 8.91 g/cm³
Mechanische Eigenschaften
0,2-%-Streckgrenze bei Zugbeanspruchung 621 MPa
Poissonzahl 0.3
Rockwell-Härte (C) 27 HRC
Zug-Elastizitätsmodul 117 GPa
Zugdehnung beim Bruch 3 %
Zugermüdungsfestigkeit 138 MPa 10^6 Zyklen / R = -1
Zugfestigkeit 724 MPa
Elektrische und magnetische Eigenschaften
elektrische Leitfähigkeit 13 – 14 % IACS
magnetische Permeabilität < 1.001
Thermische Eigenschaften
linearer Längenausdehnungskoeffizient 1.62E-5 1/°C
Wärmeleitfähigkeit 52 W / (m °C) 20 °C - 100 °C

Chemische Eigenschaften

chemische Zusammensetzung (Gewichtsprozent)





Rest %


Regularium Land Bauteil Bemerkungen Gültig bis Prüfzeugnis
Verordnung (EG) 1935/2004 EU konform 04/2021 Dokument
§§30 und §§31 Lebensmittel-, Bedarfsgegenstände- und Futtermittelgesetzbuch (LFGB) D konform 04/2021 Dokument


Materion Brush GmbH

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Materion Brush GmbH

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Only the buyer can determine the appropriateness of any processing practice, end-product or application. Materion does not make any warranty regarding its recommendations, the suitability of Materion's product, or its processing suggestions for buyer's end product, application or equipment. The properties presented on this data sheet are for reference purposes only, intended only to initiate the material selection process. They do not constitute, nor are they intended to constitute, a material specification. Material will be produced to one of the applicable industry standards, if any, listed in the Industry Standards and Specification section. Actual properties may vary by thickness and/or part number. Please contact your local sales engineer for detailed properties to be used in simulation. Any properties marked as preliminary are subject to change at any time as the manufacturing process is further refined.

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