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Fibracon 15% Glass Filled PTFE

FDA approved grades of glass filled PTFE are available, Improved wear properties, Reduced deformation under load


Anwendungsgebiete Construction industry; Grades evaluated to NORSOK M710 for oil and gas applications; Seals and gaskets (but can wear soft mating surfaces)

Physikalische Eigenschaften

Name Wert Messverfahren und -bedingungen
Dichte 2.21 g/cm^3 ASTM D4894
Mechanische Eigenschaften
Shore-Härte (D) 60 Shore D Needle
Zugdehnung beim Bruch 240 % ASTM D4894
Zugfestigkeit 20 MPa ASTM D4894, 23°C


Daten bereitgestellt von

Röchling Engineering Plastics SE & Co. KG

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The short-term maximum application temperature only applies to very low mechanical stress for a few hours. The long-term maximum application temperature is based on the thermal ageing of plastics by oxidation, resulting in a decrease of the mechanical properties. This applies to an exposure to temperatures for at least 5.000 hours causing a 50% loss of the tensile strength from the original value (measured at room temperature). This value says nothing about the mechanical strength of the material at high application temperatures. In case of thick-walled parts, only the surface layer is affected by oxidation from high temperatures. With the addition of antioxidants, a better protection of the surface layer is achieved. In any case, the center area of the material remains unaffected. The minimum application temperature is basically influenced by possible stress factors like impact and/or shock under application. The values stated refer to an minimum degree of impact stress. The electrical properties as stated result from measurements on natural, dry material. With other colours (in particular black) or saturated material, there may be clear differences in the electrical properties. The data stated above are average values ascertained by statistical tests on a regular basis. They are in accordance with DIN EN 15860. They serve as information about our products and are presented as a guide to choose from our range of materials. This, however, does not include an assurance of specific properties or the suitability for particular application purposes that are legally binding. Since the properties also depend on the dimension of the semi-finished products and the degree of crystallization (e.g. nucleating by pigments), the actual values of the properties of a particular product may differ from the indicated values.

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